Sunday, November 20, 2011

Write what you know

It's been quite a week here on the rez, but it may be years (or more) before I can make any sense of it, so please don't expect any wise distillation of meaning here. I finally put on the stethoscope and went to work in the ED, although even that unfolded in a now-expectedly unexpected way. A calm re-entry was planned for Wednesday, at which time there would be another doc on duty, allowing some back-up and orientation help. Instead, I learned Tuesday morning that the doc scheduled for the day had been stricken with an evil GI bug and there was no other back-up, so it was a surprise solo day for me. Despite waves of very unpleasant anxiety, the day went well (at least as far as I could tell), although much of what took place was bizarre and left me shaking my head and wondering what it was that just took place. The nurses were great and kept things functioning until my replacement arrived.
The neighbors drinking spot
Happily the doc who recruited me to Kayenta returned from a lengthy leave, so there was some welcome but belated context, advice, and support which is much appreciated.

My shadow reflecting on the shadows and reflections
Much of the rest of the week, I think I'll omit from this post. I made a vow (not really, but that sounds pleasantly dramatic) that I would shift the balance of work-related posts from anxiety, confusion, and futility to instead a focus on progress, successes, and inspirational moments. Surely, after this much time a few would begin to appear, no? Well, no.
The view to the west
It is said that one should write what one knows, no? So, loyal readers will need to wait a bit more for those reports, but please know that the frustrations of the week have served to fuel my determination to produce some (any) blog-worthy forward step soon. Fear not.

Absent any tales of work success, let me just sprinkle this with some shots from my Saturday morning walk behind the Toes. It was, again, wonderful to breathe hard in the cool air, concentrate on choices of photo images, and plan a weekend of relaxation. All the sweeter, knowing that Angela and Beth will be here for Thanksgiving. One never knows - perhaps both the Super Committee and I can pull off a miracle or two before then...